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Little." "That is the problem." "But has he made any advances?" "Mom, let's leave it like that." Obviously, he would have wanted to have me alone, and then, I would really get in trouble. The next day, he asked me: "My love, is anything wrong?" "Nothing." "That is precisely what I mean, don't you care for me anymore?" "Yes, I do care, but..." "Look, let's go out somewhere tonight, OK?" "Can we do this next weekend?" "Does this mean that you no longer love me?" This was already turning into some cheap emotional blackmail, ...

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Lasted for one year and was a frantic guilt ridden affair that Marsha promised herself never to do again. The last one had lasted only one week, with three nights of heavy fucking her brains out. Fred had been out on a job site, and the kids both grown and out of the house. Yet, there was something about Trisha that intuitively and sexually aroused Marsha. Marsha felt herself strongly attracted towards Trisha. Even though Marsha had children older than Trisha, Marsha didn't think about that. Marsha didn't think about anything, only felt. It wasn't that Trisha was beautiful. She wasn't. She was cute. But, ...