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Saw became a pale comparison to the woman in my head, and only a day more away. Of course that's when the phone call came, more problems at the shop, coworkers flying in to help out. I had to stay and work most of the night, I might get a break for dinner if I was lucky. My dreams dashed I still couldn't keep my thoughts of her from intruding at stray moments. We spoke on the phone that night and I was forgiven, I wouldn't be able to see her, I would see her when I got back, maybe in the Fall? It doesn't get much more frustrating than that. On the day I was supposed to meet her the guys from work made me ...

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My door and walked out to the sinks and began washing my hands. It was only after I turned to grab I towel that I noticed that I wasn't alone in the room. I turned and met a familiar gaze. It was her! "I... uh..." I stumbled. "I thought that was you." She said as she passed me a paper towel. "uh..." "You always have been a smooth talker." She smiled at me, which made it even harder to get a word out. Being a man of action, and apparently having my tongue tied in knots I had did what I would have wanted to do in any case. I reached out and took her ...