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asian ass thumb - My video camera, turned it on and shot footage of her. I want to always remember this, every detail. She squirmed more insistently when she heard the little 'beep' of the camera. I even heard her protesting pathetically beneath her taped mouth. I didn't care, and I was glad her struggles were being recorded. I placed the camera on her desk at end of her room, making sure that it could view everything that happened. I opened the purple blouse she had been wearing. She was wearing a shiny, black, nylon bra. Her nipples ...

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free cartoon porn video - If they were married or boyfriend/girlfriend, was named Mark. He and the other man, Steve, were dressed in expensive suits. The other woman, Sylvia, was the quietest of the four. She was oriental, dressed in a very expensive silk dress that plunged deeply down her chest and ended a few inches above her knees. My Master was, as usual, dressed in an expensive Armani suit. Through the small talk I was able to glean that the five had been out for appetizers and drinks at a local hotel bar. They had returned here with the promise of a surprise from my Master. "Will she agree to anything you ask?" Becky ...

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erotic indian sex story - I use to pleasure myself even today. Her eccentric uncle left her one of his many properties in his will. When she first arrived, she thought to herself this had to be a joke. An old European castle with it's musty odor and outward appearance. At least it had been somewhat modernized as she explored it to find it had electricity and communication devices. Digging deeper into it's depths, she brushed the dust off an antique looking book and opened it to the yellow encrusted pages inside. She found the story of the castle ...

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Into her, my cock slick with juice. I grunted with each smacking thrust of skin on skin. The wave began to surge over me. I cried out when I came and withdrew, shuddering intensely as cum exploded out of me in an endless stream down between her slippery ass cheeks and over the soft, shining folds of her labia. I held her tightly against me as we both gasped for air. I thought my knees might give way. I didn't want the feeling to end! "Please, tell me we're going to do that again ...