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I WANT YOUR ARTICLES, POEMS or STORIES. If you have written articles on slave training or slavery in general that you would like to publish on this website ... - 30k - -

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BDSM poems and stories about slavery and the training of a slave by her Master. - 3k - -

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Femdom stories submitted by lifestyle and professional Mistresses. .... A slave in training This slave wanted desperately to be owned by a beautiful ... - 23k - -

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Dream Girls subliminal programs for slave training… Adult e-Book directories a collection of series… Dream Girls Saga Stories brought to you by the Story ... - 30k - -

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Dream Girls successful testimonial stories. Subliminal slave training programs. ... Testimonial stories may take a few seconds to load. Thank you! ... - 14k - -

MAGIC'S WORLD: BDSM Section - Master, slave, Bondage, submission ...

Magic's World BDSM Section of Essays, stories and lessons learned by Sir Magic. Thoughts on Dominance / submission and Master /slave relationships. - 26k - -

BDSM Slave Training Success Stories

Here's a few words from some people who learned how to have the Ultimate Kinky experiences with The BDSM slave Training Guide! ... - 22k - -

Hair Slave Training Ch. 04 - Fetish -

Report problems with this story, click here. Please Rate This Submission: ... index : Fetish : Hair Slave Training Ch. 04. Free Original Erotic Stories. - 18k - -

BDSM Library - Janet's Extreme Slave Training

The story is a role-play written together with a cyber friend named Janet. ... Janet's extreme slave training by Master Mick and Janet Initial chapter, ... - 135k - -

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Gor is a fantasy but the training and protocols are not and no slave is sought .... Home | About Kytherea | Bedtime stories | my slaves | slave training and ... - 21k - -

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