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adult free movie preview - Since midnight. This time we were careful while we washed down the abused woman, knowing from experience the pain she was now suffering. We stroked her paddled ass and thighs gently with the scented oil. She whimpered gently and then finally stopped. We were not sure if she had gone to sleep or was just resting. We unhooked her wrists from the spreader bar and moved her to her next station. She was placed in front of a padded table then bent at the hips. Her wrists were secured to the table and the spreader bar secured to the tables legs. Her head dangled off the edge of the table ...

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new celebrity upskirt - I knew it three hours had gone by. I went upstairs and put the laundry in the dryer. I went to the bathroom and drew a bath. I slipped in and let my head slide under the water. I came up moments later. Warm and bubbly; I let the heat surround my naked body. I grabbed my bath pillow and lay my head down. I dozed until I heard the buzzer from the dryer sound. I got up and the Luke-warm water went down drain. I toweled off and checked the clock. I was so anxious for the party to start. I decided ...

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Neither has ever had before. Totally giving love to each other. In their collapsed exhaustion Grace thanks him for releasing the restraints. Grant shows her the Velcro end of one of the ropes. "You had the ability to easily break loose at any time and the "lock" would release with a swift jerk or push." "You deceived me!!!" "You wanted and was eager to be deceived. I said I would do nothing you didn't want to truly do. Is there anything I forced you to do? And, of course, you remember it all because you were never hypnotized." Grace rolled over on top of Grant and "took him". She rode him like a merry-go-round ...