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sexy bikini video free - Voice. "Jodie? are you still blindfolded?" It was a man's voice and Jodie found it to be quite sexy. "Uh, yeah, I can't see a damn thing" She heard the door open and then close again. "Who are you?" Jodie asked. "A birthday present" the man answered. He walked closer and Jodie recognized the familiar scent of "Obsession for Men" instantly. He kissed her lips and asked, "What color are your eyes?" "Blue" Jodie stammered a bit shocked from the kiss "Ooh, my one weakness, I wish I could see them, perhaps some other time" His kissed her again and asked if he ...

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A interactive sex stories erotic romance story sex hot - Letting the soothing water wash over me, I froze as I suddenly felt two soft, warm hands soaping my back. Soft hair tickled my back as Jill leant forward and whispered "I want you to feel totally refreshed - lover!" I thought to tell her where to go, but as well as soaping my back she was massaging my aching muscles, and the combination of the water and her hands felt so wonderful I just let it happen. Anyway, Jill only stayed in the shower with me a few minutes, and she didn't do anything sexual. Well, she did give my bum a good ...

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