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The Daily Diapers - Men and Women in Diapers

World's largest site for adult babies, adult diapers, diaper fetish, infantilism, ... plus videos, audio tapes, hypnotic tapes, stories, photos and lots more. - 13k - -

Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Stories

AB/DL Story Pages. SABRINA'S AB EXPERIENCE. By The Dapper Diaper ..... Hilda went into the Spellman living room and zapped up an adult-sized playpen, ... - 158k - -

Baby Matts Diaper Page :: Welcome to Baby Matts Diaper Page

From bedwetting to forced regression, our stories tell the tale of how some people become Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Links, And More ... - 16k - -

Young Adult Seeks Relief in Adult Diapers

Young Adult Seeks Relief in Adult Diapers. After I posted my story on this website about how I " lost my girlfriend and sanity", I was asked to talk about ... - 7k - - National

TORONTO — Health Minister George Smitherman says he's “seriously considering” wearing an adult diaper to see if it's adequate for Ontario seniors. ... - 37k - -

True Diaper Tales, True Stories of Adults and Teens in Diapers

This page displays a few SAMPLE true stories from DPF Members which we .... I fold juvenile sized diapers inside my adult ones to provide soaker material. ... - 28k - -

Adult Diaper | Read true stories & experiences about adult diaper ...

True experiences and stories about 'adult diaper' at the Experience Project. Real people connecting by sharing their real experiences in a discreet ... - 53k - - - since 1999

Then, also in front of some guys, i filled the seat of my diaper. ... babyamy writes: I wear nappies every night, i have been an adult baby for ten years ... - 34k - -

Google Directory - Mature Content

Baby Jeffy likes to wear his nappies (diapers), plastic pants, adult sized rompers, sleepers and baby clothes. Links, stories, and pictures for those of us ... - 17k - - | Ont. health minister prepared to don adult diaper

27 Feb 2008 ... Ontario's health minister says he's prepared to don an adult diaper -- and use it -- to satisfy himself that elderly residents of the ... - 42k - - | Ontario | I'm sorry, Smitherman says

28 Feb 2008 ... Email Story. Print Print. Text Size Text Size Text Size ... "Mr. Smitherman is going to put on an adult diaper and, perhaps, wet himself, ... - 67k - -

Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China

24 Jan 2006 ... be the first to share your thoughts on this question. - Sorry, comments are closed for this story. Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China ... - 48k - -

Smitherman considers wearing diaper

28 Feb 2008 ... Story tools presented by. Mr. Smitherman is considering wearing something like this adult diaper to get 'perspective. ... - 81k - -

Ont. health minister 'seriously considering' adult diaper test

27 Feb 2008 ... Ont. health minister 'seriously considering' adult diaper test ... Canada Features. RECAPEssential reading · The week in seven stories ... - 30k - -

Ont. health minister 'seriously considering' adult diaper test

27 Feb 2008 ... Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman is debating donning an adult diaper to see if it provides enough protection for seniors in Ontario ... - 30k - -

AdultBabyTalk, an adult in diapers web site

An infantilism story site with stories on the adult in diaper & adult baby diaper theme. Contributions from you the, nappy loving public are more than ... - 14k - -

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adult cartoon video adult diaper video adult directory video: reader comment from alllfy. Posted on: January 8, 2008, 7:44 AM PST. Story: Police blotter: ... - 52k - -

Defamer Casting: Toni Collette Expecting A Call For Spacesuit And ...

6 Feb 2007 ... Defamer Casting: Toni Collette Expecting A Call For Spacesuit And Adult Diaper Fittings. It's been quite a while since we've had the ... -

Police expect no charges in youth group diaper skit

8 Dec 2007 ... A skit at a local Christian youth group meeting had teenage boys taking off some of their clothes, wearing adult diapers, bibs and bonnets ... - 26k - -

From Smut to Adult Diapers: The Young Novelist's Life | AlterNet

19 Jul 2007 ... From Smut to Adult Diapers: The Young Novelist's Life .... Liked this story? Get top stories in your inbox each week from AlterNet! ... - 44k - -

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